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2092992687 Linda

- I have received 43 calls since 12/07

7542022482 c

- Rec'd text message from Natalie saying she was new to the chat service and asked where I was located. Deleted and blocked.

8175223688 Anonymous

- call from national energy.

5889369399 Jared

- Received unsolicited text message from number saying I was added to a group text, with a link inviting me to download something.

5207302353 c

- Called and left no message

5207302114 c

- Called and left no message. Must be calling from out of country as there were 2 ones preceding the number.

2335467148 Jim D

- Grandparents scam

8455821746 Ajay


8012908147 Gagi

- Sexi guy mmmmm

0008081020 Amalie helmersen